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Jessica Smith 

Graphic Curator, Artist, and Interior Stylist

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. 

I'm an artist at heart trying to share my creativity with the world. I offer a series of services from handmade art/wood work, to graphics, and/or interior guidance. For any of these services - please fill out the inquiry form on each page. I hope to help you creatively in any way I can. 




Styled By J. Smith

Social Media Graphics/Logo Development 

The Session Room

Event Planning, Social Media Graphics, and Chalkboard Artist 

Hoola Jewelry

Social Media Graphics

D&B Marketing

Social Media Graphics and Publishing, Website Management, Blog Content Creator, and Newsletter Campaigns. 

Chelsea Hospital Fundraiser - Centerpieces

Vintage Market LLC - Wooden Vases 

*All images on website were designed and constructed by myself. 



All personal and client work showcased on this site was designed by myself. Projects that were installed by me will indicate in the description. 

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We'd love to hear from you

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